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Desk for Home Office

This desk was deigned to be put in front of a big window. So the desk height needed to be lower than the the window.

To create enough room for legs, we made storage at the back instead of drawers covered with the hinged lids.

The hole for cables and the space for an extension lead were made to our clients' preference.

Bathroom Cabinet

Creating a storage space in an awkward place makes a huge difference. 

This time, our clients would like to make it simple as possible. The door line goes under the grout line of the exiting tiles.

The colour was carefully chosen from our samples.

Antique Table Repair

Our clients bought this table in Malaysia 30 yeas ago and it cracked naturally while they were using it.


We analysed why it cracked and explained the method we were going to use not only to repair but also to avoid having a crack again.

We always take care of your memorable furniture to let you use it for decades to come.

Custom Shop Display

Shop display for a greengrocer's​ shop.

All units, shelves, vegetable boxes and the till counter were designed and finished to suit each area.

The space between units was designed to accommodate customers, pushchairs, and of course the staff of the shop.

Custom Alcove Storage

Storage space for a family living room.

Each unit and shelves were designed and finished to fit perfectly in each alcove.

From a wide range of choices, our client could choose the right colour which goes well with the existing items and colours in the room.

Custom Storage Unit

Plenty of storage space for a family home.

The doors have got a magnetic child lock system.

Very chic Pearl Grey colour was selected.

Custom TV Console

An Art Deco/Midcentury inspired design.

Designed to store all the clients devices.

Constructed using oak panels.

Custom Marumi Bench

A Marumi Bench made with walnut.

Designed to fit perfectly into the clients home.  

Pairing beautifully with the previously design Custom Dining Table.

Custom Dining Table

A V-shape metal base, combined with a walnut top.


Designed to allow access along a built in bench seat, creating plenty of leg room.

The design is unique, functional and fits into our clients family space.

Custom Marumi Bench

A Marumi Bench made with a sapele frame.

Made for outdoor use in the clients garden. 

An enlarged version of the previous design.

Custom Sen Table

A console table with a sen tabletop.

A mixture of two pieces to form one.

Custom Walnut Frame

A frame that holds our clients glass panel.

Their specification and requirements.


Working together for the final outcome.

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